torque specs for transmission oil pan bolts. Torque specs for the 95-04 model year Toyota Tacoma trucks. changed the fluid this past weekend and went to torque the pan bolts back down and set the torque wrench to 144 in-lbs like the chiltons manual stated, went to the four corners first, tightening all them down by hand first evenly, then putting the torque wrench to the bolts, the gasket starts coming out the side. 2016 V6 Automatic, Off-Road, 4d Anybody have a reference for the torque specs for the transmission pan bolts? Thanks. Oil pan to seal carriers should be 89 in lbs. Does anyone know the torque spec (in inch pounds) for a 2009 automatic transaxle ATF pan bolts? Seems to be 80 inch-pounds from what I've searched on net. I've been wrenching for about 15 years, built motors, installed LSDs, etc. I will be dropping the pan here in the next couple days and replacing all the fluid. Once you've torqued the bolts and filled the engine with oil, you should run the engine for five minutes to bring it up to normal operating temperature. I still have a leak and don't want to break the bolts. You could go a little more but the . What should the oil pressure be in a Chevy Colorado? 16psi at idle is pretty normal for warm oil in the 3. Rocker arms (non-adjustable) 18-22 ft. I just installed my Mag Hytec pan on Saturday. Torque Angle Gauge is needed for second stage. Be sure that you clean and put the 4 magnets back into the pan. The 04 Grand Prix GTP has a MN7 4T65E-HD autotransaxle just like the '97 - '03 GTP. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. They are little bolts, 7 ft lbs is "lightly snug". Does anyone know the torque specs to re-tighten the transmission pan bolts to when I'm ready to put it back on? Is there a 'sticky' or a 'how-to'. Surfaces must be clean, and the pan flat. Are these available? PPE makes a heavy duty aluminium pan that holds roughly 1. Torque to: 35 ft lb (47 Nm) Access plugs for the oil pan rear nuts Starter wire harness bracket stud Transmission oil cooler pipes (if equipped) Remote oil filter pipe adapter Oil filter hose clip bolt to the oil pan Transmission cover and bolts. Transmission pan bolts torque for an 09?. Quick Links: Prinsu install solo?? 2018 Bed Rail System Pros & cons of the gen3 Suparee LED Turn Signals Change oil filter only Bumper End Cap fasteners torque specs for the transmission pan bolts Discussion in ' 3rd Gen. Be nice to the bolts and take your time to hand tighten them slowly. How much should i torque down the oil pan bolts?. It is very easy to cross thread them as I did when I dropped the pan. As you can see, it's an odd shape and there's 20 screws. The manual calls for 84-108 in lbs (9-11nm). Install the flywheel and clutch housing cover. - Can someone give me the torque spec for the transmission pan bolts and the oil pan bolt . I put a bit of blue Loctite on the fasteners while putting the pan back on. I did 15lb with a good torque wrench and I felt the threads start to let go. I have one on my 8HP70,and like it. I would like to know the torque specs on the transmission oil pan and filter bolts to remove and change the transmission filter. In the same vane Oil Pan Fill Plug is 33 Ft-Lbs (45 N-M) or about 4+ times tighter . Transmission filter/pan/plug torque specs. Watch this video to learn how to fix a leaking or bent transmission pan. What are the torque spec for the Transmission pan bolts & drain plug?. Make sure that the lip of pan is TOTALLY clean, smooth and free from debris. Five of them are the same, but one has an extra bolt hole where a wiring harness bracket attaches. I replaced the transmission filter with a kit from NAPA - ATP 17077. • Torque all pan bolts to 15 lbs-ft. Joined Apr 28, 2012 Posts 19,115 Reaction score 33,429 Ram Year. oil and transmission pan bolt torque specs what are the oil and transmission bolt torque specifications? 124 inch lbs on oil panTransmission pan 13 ft . From the 2006 service manual: (41) Install electrohydraulic unit (2). I tightened up the existing ones to these specs earlier, when I was attempting to see if the leak would stop. Directions should give torque specific for gasket brand. Thats correct, tighten the bolts to 13. oil pan are caused by too much torque being applied to the pan fasteners. About as high a ft lb spec I've ever seen for transmission pans is 8 ft lb. Main thing you want is uniformity around the pan. I believe it is 97 in-lb (11 N-M) or approximately 8 Ft-Lbs. The torque converter particularly will retain maybe a couple quarts of fluid. 6 - 4 ft-lbs which equals around 43 - 48 inch-lbs. The key thing to remember, is that this isn't much torque. NOTE: pay attention to the "in-lbn" big difference between ("Ft-lbs"). (beware: some manuals put ft-lbs when . Also, I realize 9 ft/lbs seems loose, but you are placing a steel bolt into an aluminum housing. The transmission pan bolts will need to be torqued to 8 ft-lbs . Bolt torque specs application spec. I noticed that the RF corner of the pan was grimey and collecting dirt. with my cordless, 18v harbor freight model, the full torque of the drill is just perfect for the oil pan bolts. Most transmission leaks around the trans. I decided to grab my 13mm socet and rachet and check the bolts. Start the engine and check for oil leaks. Upon inspecting my 2005 AWD Astro I noticed one of the transmission oil pan bolts came out. If you really want to get technical, it also make a difference if the bolts are dry or lubricated, and what they are lubricated with (WD-40 has a 0. How to Replace Transmission Oil Pan 1999-2013 Chevy Silverado 1500. I changed the oil in my Xmission last year and according to my Olds Service Manual(which should be about the same for Pontiacs) the Torque Specifications for . Do you need a torque wrench for transmission pan? Even the cheap Harbor Freight torque wrench is a must for anyone doing anything with a pan but doesnt need a professional one. torque specs for the oil pan bolts are 84 in-lbs (not very tight at all)… the stabilizer bolts are 18 ft-lbs. Well-Known Member I found it98-115 inch pounds. You know when I did this in my explorer, I actually put a small bead of rtv on the tranny pan (make sure you run the bead on the "outside" of the bolt holes), and then laid my gasket on the pan. halltristan said: Anyone know the torque specs? Click to expand Automatic transmission fluid pan bolts: A5S 325Z - 48 in-lbs or 6 Nm. txt TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS ‐ AOD, AODE, 4R70W FOOT LBS>>>>> Extension Housing Bolts 19‐22 Pan Retaining Bolts 9‐11 Stator Support‐to‐Pump Body 15‐19 Crossmember‐to‐Transmission 65‐81 Converter‐to‐Flywheel Nuts 20‐33 Converter Housing Drain Plug 21‐22. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 17, 2010. Once you've torqued the bolts and filled the engine with oil, you should run the engine for five minutes to bring it … What is the torque spec on the oil pan bolts? Read. If it is only in ft/lbs I doubt it give . Once you’ve torqued the bolts and filled the engine with oil, you should run the engine for five minutes to bring it up to normal operating temperature. and tightening sequence should be in a criss cross manor. Using Google custom search above is worthless. Intake manifold bolts 25-30 ft. The service manual says 7-9 and 9-11 foot pounds on the two sizes of bolts, respectively. I'm goging to change the fluid and pan filter in a couple of weeks (as well as put a new 31 row cooler on) so will be dropping the Pan. 144 in/OZ or 12 in/lbs is what you want. checkster , 07-19-2010 07:43 AM. Oil pan fastener torque specifications-2. Transmission Pan torque Spec's. I searched a lot and was able to find torque specs for the drain plug but not for the bolts for the pan. I'm installing a new oil pan with FelPro cork/rubber gasket on a 1970 Mustang 351 Cleveland. Hey guys, I just changed my oil pan gasket and want to torque down the bolts correctly when reinstalling the pan bolts. I drove it around the block and let it idle for about 30 mins and it isn't leaking yet. Remember, though, that simply draining the fluid will still leave some (probably a few quarts) in the system. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 24, 2017. Bolt Torque Spec Chart for Ford 429-460 Fastener Type Torque Spec Main cap bolts 95-105 ft. I'm ready to change the auto tranny fluid but can't seem to find the torque spec for the bolts that hold the transmission pan on. Does anybody know the torque specs on the 350 pan bolts? Reply 1: hi, transmission pan bolts are torqued to 10 12 to 13 foot pounds on a turbo 350. What is torque specs for 4L60E transmission pan? 4L60E Hardware Toqure Specifications How tight should transmission pan? It should seal back up fine- 10 to 12 foot-pounds, like cdowns said. Torque Specs for Transmission Pan bolts. I'm doing a Transmission fluid and filter change, and I have yet to find a manual for the Catera so I can't find any torque specs for this car. The transmission pan bolts should be in the area of 3. I would imagine the torque specs would be the same from 2001. I've been trying to come up with a torque sequence for my 4T65E transmission pan gasket. Remove the Leaking Transmission Pan. I assume the front pan has the same specs as the larger pan with the drain and fill bolts in it. Tighten the four corner bolts of the oil pan first. NOTE: pay attention to the "in-lbn" big difference between ("Ft-lbs") 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. Tighten the compressor bolts to 18 ft. I can tell you that the transmission oil pan drain threads are very delicate and soft (2001 4 speed). • Fill the transmission to the proper level with recommended fluid, filling at a maximum of 5 quarts at a time, and then re-check the fluid level. How to replace transmission pan 99-13 Chevy Silverado? Take your new transmission pan and put the gasket into place and feed the bolts up through the holes. It's probably around 5 - 8 nm (3 - 5 ftlbs). How much torque do you put on transmission pan bolts? Setting the pan bolts to 12 foot-pounds of torque is only recommended after the pan is properly inspected and repaired. Already snapped one bolt, I definitely don't want to repeat this mistake!! I have them tightened down to 20lbs ft. Do not run the bolts up too tight. They strip easily, so be careful. (42) Install oil filter (4) (Fig. Out of curiosity, i asked how much this would have cost outside of warranty. Tightening torque for screws is 10NM +1. 9, ~8in long) located at the bell-housing end of the pan; Haynes appears to say 18 ft-lbs, but its not really clear and it conflicts with what was posted earlier. Tighten the pan-to-transmission bolts to 33 ft. Torque Specifications Code: Description Nm lb-ft lb-in Transmission pan-to-case 15 11 —. Torque Wrench (If You're Anal) Drain Pan. This is per the specs in the service manual. Whether the FIPG is better than the gasket that you bought, well, that depends on the quality of the gasket. Coming to torque is should be very less something in the order of 10-15 ft pds. Reusable gaskets (rubber) go on dry. Here's the info for the transmission pan bolts. Your help is greatly appreciatted. SOURCE: Transmission fluid leaking after getting warm from front of transmission pan even after replacing gasket, and need torque specs for transmission pan pan bolt torque is in inch pounds (not a lot, around 10-15) generally it's not necessary for exact because pans are a bit warped many times and exact dosen't work anyhow. 108 (147) ball joint nut: The valve body alone cost the dealer $950. The transmission gasket is OEM. Excess torque on transmission pan bolts will create the problem you encountered or cause the pan gaskets to leak. Re: Transmission pan/filter torque specs i wouldn't worry about the bolts to much thev are all steel worry mor about the threaded holes in the case that the bolts are going into the case is alumium and over tightening steel bolt in aluminum threads may strip the treads. bolts 27 nm 20 ft lbs 4l60 e oil pan to transmission case bolt 11 nm 97, use the torque wrench to tighten the bolts to the final torque specs both the 3000 and 4000 series transmissions put torque specs at 38 to 45 pound feet thats not a lot so be. Check for leaks after a getting it up to operating temp a few times. F250 Converter Drain Plug Torque Specs : 10 ft-lbs F250 Tranmission Pan Torque Specs : 10 ft-lbs. Transmission Pan Bolts Torque: I Really Need the Torque. com as a daily part of their ownership. I've been told you're suppose to use a criss-cross pattern, but that's a lot easier to do if you're working with rectangles or squares. I'm just trying to confirm the torque spec for the two longer bolts (6mm, 10. Joined Apr 12, 2019 · 47 Posts. Engine Flexplate to Torque Converter Bolts. With the pan in place you can start to hand tighten the pan bolts until all of them are in place. They don't give an order for tightening the bolts. Per the Hayne's manual, the specified torque is 108-132 in-lbs. (24 Nm) and the M6 bolts to 106 inch lbs. I cleaned the surfaces well, hand tightened bolts, snugged in a criss-cross pattern, & torqued to 165 in-lbs. Duraprene gaskets are the best, . 5 MILLION GM Truck Enthusiasts every month who use GM-Trucks. The FSM for a 2002 Forester says to torque the AT pan-bolts to 3. I'd like to make sure I use the correct specs on the transmission gasket, don't need any more things leaking. Trans Pan Bolt Torque Specs. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 14, 2004. the correct torque spec and proper sequence for transmission oil pan Also, one of the bolts seems to have damaged thread - how would . 1970 FSM states 150 INCH pounds for the oil pan bolts. Anyone have the correct torque specs for y-pipe to exhaust man. I will keep an eye on it until I can take it a shop. transmission pan bolt torque?. Tighten the bolts to 8 N·m (71 in. slightly leaking transmission fluid around the back end of the pan. Replace the fluid pan on the transmission and tighten the bolts to 165 inch pounds with. Place a flat, heavy object on top of the gasket to securely fix the gasket to the pan. I'm about to change out my transmission fluid on my 01 WJ it has a 5-45RFE in it and for the life of me I can't find the torque specs for the tranny pan bolts. backyardbrad , 06-22-2015 03:07 PM. Tighten the access cover bolt to 89 inch lbs. Begin by applying light engine oil to the undersides of the bolt heads and to the threads of the oil pan bolts. Lower the vehicle and refill the crankcase with the specified engine oil. Install the pan, and torque the bolts to 12 foot-pounds. Engine oil pan bolts range in torque from seven foot-pounds to 22 ft-lb or more for large engines with heavier pans and bolts. If you have the stock Y pipe,you might have to have a muffler shop tweak it slightly for clearance around the pan though. 4L engine Oil pan to the transmission nut Oil level sensor connector Radiator outlet pipe to the lower radiator hose and oil pan Exhaust manifold brace Radiator outlet pipe. Transmission oil pan bolt torque = 10Ft/Lb I couldn't find an official picture of the tightening sequence so I made one up, something like . Apply FIPG to the pan to seal it when . Transmission oil pan bolts torque specs. 8L 2WD manual transmission 8600 GVWR. donut said: Haynes manual for my truck list torque values for the oilpan, 1/4" --80 in lbs. I changed the fluid and filter on my RAM 4500 with Aisin AS69RC and trying to find out the torque specs on the oil pan bolts? 2006 Dodge Ram 3500,6 speed,5 inch MBRB exhaust,Edge Juice w/Attitude,CFM intake manifold,Air Dog 100, 60gallon Titan fuel tank,NEW Bosch 60HP injectors, Mishimoto aluminum radiator,Mishimoto Intercooler,Spyntec. The directions that came with the filter said to torque the bolts to 80lbs ft, and then 120lbs ft. Drain plug is 36 foot pounds and pan bolts are 67 inch pounds. Do most of you actually use a torque wrench for that? My torque wrench is the old beam style, and the specs are WAY too low for any kind of . P PlatinumNiner Banned Joined Oct 29, 2009 2,735 Posts #8 · Dec 4, 2010. If this hand is used as a “helper” rather than just a pivot to hold the center of the wrench, the torque readings will be affected. Click to expand 1/4 and 5/16 is correct. The pan bolts should be tightened to 61-78 in-lb. Just wondering if any of you could provide those. • Install and torque the temperature sender unit (if installed), or sending unit plug to 12 lbs-ft. Chevy Transmission Pan Torque Specs Recipes. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Transmission pan bolt torque - I have searched this forum and net with no luck. DON'T over torque or you'll screw up the pan gasket. Discussion starter · #1 · may 20, 2005. The standard sprag is A2202710068. Take your time, as it does require a bit of dexterity to hold the . I just replaced my transmission fluid and filter. 36 ft lbs ( not inch) for drain plug, 43 in lbs for pan bolts and 96 in lbs for the. Install the upper valve body oil pan bolts and tighten to 6 N m (50 in. I have the torque specs for the transfer case filler and. The Haynes manual states "refer to this chapter for torque specs" but it doesn't contain the specs for the pan bolts in any of the chapters. Setting the pan bolts to 12 foot-pounds of torque is only recommended after the pan is properly inspected and repaired. What is the torque spec on the oil pan bolts? Engine oil pan bolts range in torque from seven foot-pounds to 22 ft-lb or more for large engines with heavier pans and bolts. Orders over $35 ship for free!. Tighten oil pan bolts to 19 N·m (165 in. How do you torque oil pan bolts?. The torque specs for the oil pan bolt is 25ft/lbs right? Nov 2, 2017 #2 Burla Senior Member. Hello guys, I have been doing a bit of service on my recent purchase of the 100 series landcruiser GXL. Torque the bolts to 124 inch lbs. Turn off the engine and retorque the oil pan bolts to full torque. Just need to know what the torque spec for the transmission oil pan bolts. changed the fluid this past weekend and went to torque the pan bolts back down and set the torque wrench to 144 in-lbs like the chiltons manual stated, went to the four corners first, tightening all them down by hand first evenly, then putting the torque wrench to the bolts, the gasket starts. Starter motor Front differential assembly Oil level indicator. Not sure if it is different but I wouldn't imagine the small bolts being much more than that. Over torqueing tends to distort the pan gasket surface. Oil Pan: 5-8 ft/lbs (60-96 in/lbs) I gave up on trying to get my original trans pan to seal, and broke down and bought a brand new one! Really don't want to distort the new pan and end up right back where I started!! If it were 150 ft/lbs that would be crazy high. com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Can somebody please give me the specefic torque I'm suppose to torque this to. 4 turn with a 1/4" drive socket another trick i prefer to use is a cordless drill with a clutch, one that clicks at a certain torqie. Reinstall pan using new Mopar Silicone Adhesive sealant. Install the pressure tap at valve body oil pan and tighten to 6 N m (50 in. 5 litres more fluid,and has a replacable filter. FSM: Clean the oil pan and magnet. Over tightening is common and does nothing but . I dropped the pan, cleaned up the threads with a tap, then. Oil pan bolt torque sequence-X-Type. TORQUE SPEC'S Pan bolts=11-12 ft/lbs. 89 is inchesyou will snap your bolt or crack your oil pan if you do 89 ft per ILB. If you pull the oil strainer, all the bolts are different lengths so NOTE WHERE YOU PULLED THEM FROM. 80% effect on the clamping force / applied torque ratio). Torque Oil Pan Isx Specs Bolt Cummins. Tighten the bolts, in the sequence shown, to 18 ft. I snugged them all up and used 50/50 simple green/water to clean everything up. Too long of a search string I suppose. My service manual indicates 65 ftlbs for the transmission pan bolts. When it reads "oil pan", it's meaning the transmission fluid pan. (There are YouTube videos about how to apply FIPG 103 onto an oil or transmission pan). Get the best deals on 6L80/6L90 transmission parts and rebuild kits as well as techincal information at Global Transmission Parts. I'll check it over in a few miles. The foot say's go, The Light say's No!. Does anyone know the correct torque value for the stock transmission pan bolts?. Transmission pan bolt torque specs. Torque Specifications for Oil Pan Bolts Preparation. That is about the correct amount based on the bolt size and hardness. SOURCE: Transmission fluid leaking after getting warm from front of transmission pan even after replacing gasket, and need torque specs for transmission pan pan bolt torque is in inch pounds (not a lot, around 10-15) generally it’s not necessary for exact because pans are a bit warped many times and exact dosen’t work anyhow. AT box oil pan bolts torque is 7-9 Nm, the drain plug is 29-39 Nm. 5x50 72 NM 53 FT-LBS Torque Converter to Flex Plate Bolts — — 65 NM 48 FT-LBS Transmission to Engine Bolts — — 50 NM 37 FT-LBS Transmission Electrical Harness Retaining Screw — — 9 NM 80 Inch-LB Transmission Fluid Cooler. There are two different types of sprag for the pan. Torque value is at the bottom of pdf #1. Torque specs for pan to block and lower pan to upper pan is 8. I found the Oil Drain plug (27 ft lb) but nothing on the Pan bolts. for these bolts is 12 to 16 ft. On my old 1979 engine it has 2 larger bolts at the back of the engine, and one or two big bolts at the front. Can you tell me what the torque specs are for this specific vehicle? 4L80E oil pan to transmission case bolts 18ft/lbs or 24Nm. **Shake my head** Glad I found this thread. but I still torque everything down to my oil filter housing and oil drain plug on my S4. This popular General Motors transmission is also prone to leaks around the pan because of distorted mounting bolt holes or the pan becoming warped because of improper installation. From buying research to owner support, join 1. Click to expand Don't measure bolts by the size of the wrenching surface. 3/8” Drive Torque Wrench (capable of reading low settings [10 lbs-ft]). Remove the Leaking Transmission Pan Use a 13 mm socket and ratchet to remove the leaking transmission pan. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Tranny pan torque specs. 8) While holding and pushing the oil pan towards the transmission housing attach all screws until they just make contact with the oil pan, After all screws are installed, tighten screws in order 1 to 21 or 1 to 24 depending on the transmission application. Does this pattern look right to tighten the bolts?. But make sure that your torque wrench will give you accurate readings that low. I feel much more confident now. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. Oldbee and Photon440 have the right answer - with a stock, sheet metal pan, tightening the bolts excessively will bend the flange and create future leaks. Pan bolts should be 8mm, probably 20mm long. Repeat the same pattern as before and tighten all the oil pan bolts to their full torque. Automatic transmission oil pan bolt, bolt washer ay. I always torque mine to 14 Ft/Lbs. _____ Install: pic 8 Install the valve body oil pan, use a bead of MOPAR ATF RTV (MS-GF41). The pan bolts should be torqued to 10 ft-lbs. If there are 2 different size bolts used on the oil pan I would do the smaller ones 15 and the larger ones 23. The first number is N-m, the second number is kgf-cm, and the third is ft-lbs. does the transmission drain plug use a crush washer? is it the same size/type as the oil pan . Shop manual says 84-122 inch-lbs. Torque Converter Cover Bolts — — 12 NM 106 Inch-LB Torque Converter Housing Assembly to Case Assembly 9 M10x1. Oil pan bolts: 9 ft-lbs Rear main oil seal: 9. Discussion Starter · #7 · Aug 15, 2009. 6L usually issue us high oil pressures. 6 Ft Lbs * Can you elaborate on a. Really, the best way to be sure you're filling it correctly is to just fill a. The pan bolts are all the same size. 45 in-lbs for the filter cap screws and 14. I scrolled to the end and found a reference to an aluminum and steel transmission pan. I tighten mine like oldbee described - same as stamped metal valve covers. bolts are "one time use" and must be replaced each and every time you remove the pan. 97 inch pounds is slightly over 8 foot pounds. From the FSM automatic transmission section: "Install the 20 bolts and oil pan. The oil pan bolts are nowhere near that large. Install the drain pan and torque the 19 bolts each to 65 in. Search: Cummins Isx Oil Pan Bolt Torque Specs. Changed the oil today and generally went over the truck. There is a side note in Nissan factory manual stating that bolts should be . I remove the bolt, and a brand new bolt would not spin in easily. 40 inch lbs for transmission , 97 inch lbs for oil pan. Start the two rear bolts by hand using your socket. Made it much easier to get everything lined up, plus the gasket will stick to the pan and if you torque it right next time you do it you shouldnt need. 7 ft-lbs Transmission oil pan: 65 in-lbs (A340). Tacomas (2016+) ' started by jdp204-tw , Dec 29, 2017. As for the torque specs, the manual is the bible. With that, it should be correct. Go ahead and install your new filter and begin reassembling the pan back onto the transmission. It would be very easy to accidently shear off those pan-bolts. Oil Pan Bolts Torque Specs???. I put the red numbers on myself. I've searched and can not find the torque specs for the pan bolts on the 4R100. Mustang Converter Drain Plug Torque Specs : 10 ft-lbs Mustang Tranmission Pan Torque Specs : 10 ft-lbs. The torque specs on a 4T65E tranny oil pan bolts has always been 10 ft-lbs or 120 in-lbs. 6 ft-Lbs (similar to the figure given by #2 above). Torque specs for trans pan bolts?. I ended up getting a rubber gasket for mine when it was a cork one that came off. This amount is based on a stock, “shallow” transmission pan with a 12″ torque converter. Install the oil pan and torque the 1 inch bolts to 6-9 ft. I need the engine rebuilding torque specs including the oil pump to block, oil pick up tube, oil pan, water pump, intake manifold bolts, etc. I used the rubber gasket from the kit and torqued the pan bolts to 165 in-lbs. They are torqued to 10 N-m or 7 ft-lbf. 36 ft lbs ( not inch) for drain plug, 43 in lbs for pan bolts and 96 in lbs for the … From toyotanation. Trans Pan bolt Torque Spec???. Got this from a Ford forum: Most transmission leaks around the trans. You torque the inner most bolts first on each leg and work your way out to the corners. I think I actually used a 1/4" torque wrench last time - seems I remember it felt about the same. Torque Specs For Transmission Pan. Please feel free to let me know if I can help. Remove the top valve body oil pan (3) bolts. It's an excellent manual and I went under transmission torque specs. what i like to do is thread them in by hand with a screwdriver, then about 1/8 to 1. With a deep pan, the capacity of additional fluid can vary from an extra quart or more. Anyone have a part number and torque specs on . Capture the fluid in a drain pan. Ok, so the torque spec is 10nm/7. It's 48 inch lbs according to the info I have: 48 inch lbs is equivalent to only 4 ft. I saw on a review on amazon that someone. This looks like a 8 -9 hour job on Alldatadiy. I generally just grab a 3/8 rachet somewhat loosely by the rachet head and rest my . The latter could happened if you had torqued somewhere in between spec and the torque you used. At low settings, such as used on transmission pan bolts, the reading can be affected by the hand holding the “pivot”, or center point of the wrench. • Install and torque the pan plug to 20 lbs-ft. Just reading straight from the torque chart. official oil pan bolt torque spec? thanks, Cognito 7-9", 35x13 Toyo A/T, 18" ProComps, Banks Intake, AMSOil Fluids & Filters (+1qt in transfer case), 3s micron Water Separator & 2-micron Fuel Filter. Need torque specs for '03 Envoy transmission pan bolts using new gasket. The experts at 1A Auto show you how to replace the transmission oil pan on your 00-06 Chevy Suburban, Tahoe, or Silverado. studs and oil pan bolts? I might as well ask about the starter torque specs. 15 lbs usually pulls the threads, then you're adding thread coils, which isn't necessarily a bad . Hey…Got a few questions regarding transmission maintenance. torque specs for trans pan?. all the bolts seemed too loose. 2001Screw4x4 , 06-28-2008 08:27 PM. When i used to be a Metrology engineer i used to calibrate my torque wrenches at work with the torque measuring standard, it could be some form OCD. Apply FIPG to the pan to seal it when you put it back on. 4 Nm), 65 inch pounds not foot pounds. What is torque specs for 4L60E transmission pan? 4L60E Hardware Toqure Specifications How tight should transmission pan? It should seal back up fine– 10 to 12 foot-pounds, like cdowns said. Generally, tin pan assemblies (trans pan, oil pan, valve covers) run in the 7 to 14 lbft range. Make sure you remove the magnet and get all the metal shavings off it. Not too much, just don't squish the gasket out the sides.